Damian im La Danza Tanzzentrum, Köln

Damion BG Dancer is a Jamaican Dancehall dancer, dance teacher and the leader of the crew BG Dancerz.
His crew got the name BG after their community called Burger Gully and it is consisted of seven members.
Their most popular dances are Greetings, Dutty Step, Get Mad, Galang, Roots Rock, Knockingz, Replay, Mi Time, Bad Appereance and of course “OH DAMN” and “OH JESUS”.
Damion BG is famous for his positive Attitude and his real Jamaican Vibes. Whenever he is dancing or teaching he has a big smile on his face. Since 2014 Damion BG is spending more time in Europe to spread the Dancehall culture global worldwide on big Camps and Festivals.
“Buss dem head settings” “Lace up!!!

Instagram: damianbgdancer