Urban Kiz & Connect To Yourself Workshop – Sa./So. 01./02. Februar


Kizomba & Connect To Yourself

Ein zweitägiger Workshop mit unterschiedlichen Komponenten zur inner and outer Connection und Kombinationen für Urban Kiz! 

❗ The Workshop will be divided in two parts of 2:30 hours each (Saturday/Sunday) and will have as main topics:

🦸‍♂Train your Kizomba super Powers: increase your Body and space awareness with some special exercises and steps.
💫Dance Combinations with different perspectives (Partnerwork), made to develop your sense of orientation and perception.
👣How to balance yourself and walk properly.
🗣Social dancing talk: How to be self confident before, during and after the dance.
🧚‍♀Breathing and stress control exercises.
✨and more..

🌟Before connecting to someone else, why not trying to connect to ourself first?


Level: Open Level, Voraussetzung gute Kizomba Grundkenntnisse

Zeiten: Sa.: 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr,   So.: 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr

Dozenten: Lionel & Partnerin

Preis: 70.- Euro pro Person (erm. 55,-) für beide Tage (Sa. und So.)


Anfänger mit guten Vorkenntnissen ab drei Monaten Tanzerfahrung.
Level A2/M: 7 bis 9 Monate Erfahrung

Urban Kiz & Connect To Yourself Workshop - Sa./So. 01./02. Februar


So 02.02.20
14:00 - 16:30 Uhr


La Danza - Saal 1 / Büro
Engelbertstr. 29,
50674 Köln

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